Backhaul (Broadband and Mobile)

“A telecom network provider would like to connect a village located 5km away from the nearest fiber access point in order to provide broadband access to 50-100 households”

In rural areas, Network Providers are challenged by:

  • Slow and costly permit process because establishing a link may cross multiple towns or difficult terrains like dikes, train tracks, roads, or mountains
  • Higher infrastructure and maintenance costs because of the distance between users and the nearest access-point
  • Lower service profitability because of the low density of users

Aircision delivers a telecom grade wireless solution that requires no permit or spectrum license fees. Our Blackbird solution will deliver +10Gbps to any housing cluster located >5 km away from the nearest fiber access point.

“All European households should have access to 100 Mbps connections by 2025, with the possibility to upgrade those networks to reach much higher speeds”
European Commission

Enterprise networks

"A high tech manufacturer requires a private network, keeping confidential information in a controlled environment and secure."

The main challenge enterprises face today is exposure to cyber attacks. By using shared networks, companies become more vulnerable and are more at risk of having sensitive data fall into wrong hands.