Use Cases

Rural Broadband deployment (Last-Mile)

Fast deployment, long-reach, and cost-effective

“A telecom network provider would like to connect a small-cell to an antenna located 3km away in order to provide broadband access to a cluster of 6 farms”

In rural areas, Network Providers are challenged by:

  • Slow and costly permit process because establishing a link may cross multiple towns or difficult terrains like dikes, train tracks, roads, or mountains
  • Higher infrastructure and maintenance costs because of the distance between users and the nearest access-point
  • Lower service profitability because of the low density of users

Aircision delivers a telecom grade wireless solution that requires no permit or spectrum license fees. Our Falcon 2.0 solution will deliver 10Gbps to any housing cluster located >2.5 km away from the nearest fiber access point.

“All European households should have access to 100 Mbps connections by 2025, with the possibility to upgrade those networks to reach much higher speeds”
European Commission

Wireless backhaul (4G and 5G)

Fast deployment, interference-free, and scalable ( x 10Gbps)

“A Mobile Network/Service Provider is upgrading the connection between a 4G mobile site and the core network from 1Gbps to 30Gbps in order to prepare for a 5G service rollout.”

In connecting mobile masts, Network Providers are challenged by a:

  • Slow permit process and lack of engineering resources
  • Costly installation because of the need for cranes
  • Limitation in scaling the number of antennas without radio interferences

Aircision’s solutions weighs 10kg and its installation does not require cranes or permits. By the nature of its technology, the Falcon 2.0 solution produces no radiation or interference. It can be mounted in parallel to scale-up easily and requires no installation permit or spectrum license.

“Uninterrupted 5G coverage should be available in all urban areas and all major terrestrial transport paths to connect people and objects by 2025."

European Commission

Network redundancy and temporary links for events

Fast deployment, no interference and security

Network security and reliability are some of the key factors for guaranteeing the quality of telecommunication networks and services. However, networks are susceptible to outages or equipment failures caused by unexpected cyberattacks, human error or acts of nature, such as floods.

The deployment of backup systems helps to mitigate the risk of failure along the critical data path. Permanent or temporary redundancy can significantly decrease the risk of downtime and ensure network availability.

Aircision provides solutions for network redundancy, by deploying a secure optical wireless backup link. It can be used in telecom and enterprise networks.