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Sustainability is a high priority for our company. Giving people access to better communication will allow everyone to exchange more information. If we can provide high-speed connectivity to everyone, not only do we contribute to a better infrastructure, we could play a part in reducing inequalities. To take a sustainable approach in running our own company, we conduct smart material assessments to identify environmentally friendly components.

Who we are


Luis Oliveira
CEO & Co-founder
Betsy Lindsey
CFO & Co-founder
Daniele Raiteri, Ph.D.
Edzard Janssens
CMO & Co-founder
Eric Dansereau
John Reid, Ph.D.
Scientific Director & Co-founder
Bas van der Wielen
Optoelectronics Engineer
Nourdin Kaai
Mechanical Engineer
Who we are

Advisory Board

Guus Frericks

Entrepreneur, Investor and international business leader with vast experience in High Tech industries; CEO of HighTechXL

Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach

Professor of AI, Data and Data Ethics. Venture investor and board member of public and private companies, former SVP of Deutsche Telekom and Qualcomm Europe.

Karl Kirschenhofer

Former COO of RFS and VP at Nokia. Experienced in R&D, Product development and supply chain in the telecom industry

Herbert Merz

Former President and CEO of RFS Systems at Nokia

Rob Wolters

Managing Partner i4Things. Former managing director Ericsson Netherlands

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Aircision is a venture built by HighTechXL