Our Mission is to bring industrial development to the next level and contribute to a better worldwide infrastructure.

Sustainable Development

Sustainability has a high priority for all the solutions we want to provide. By improving the accuracy of measurement we enable high precision manufacturers to improve their production. When we can contribute to the production of better products, we help society achieve sustainable industrialization. Giving all people more access to better communication will allow every one to exchange more information. If we can provide high speed connectivity to everyone, not only do we contribute to a better infrastructure, we could play a part in reducing inequalities. To take a sustainable approach in running our own company, we conduct smart material assesments to identify environmently friendly components.

What we are best at

Our Uniqueness

control over distance
Reconstructive capability
Superior depth
of focus
Optical metrology
Who we are


Luis Oliveira
Edzard Janssens
John Reid, Ph.D.
Who we are

Advisory Board

Guus Frericks

Entrepreneur, Investor and international business leader with vast experience in High Tech industries; CEO of HighTechXL

Eddy Allefs

Sr. Technology Manager at NTS-Group with vast experience in Mechatronics, Semiconductors, and Power Electronics

Betsy Lindsey

Investor Relations at HighTechXL; former banking professional at Silicon Valley Bank

Jeroen Aerts

Industrial Engineer with experience as Project Lead and Program Management Officer at ASML

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