Power the high speed connected world and bring better communication to help improve societies and contribute to a better worldwide infrastructure.


Aircision builds high capacity free space optics systems that can be deployed fast and operates on a structured beam to deliver high reliability. The unique shape of our technology will place our solution at the heart of high precision systems of the future.


Free Space Optics

45% of households worldwide have little or no access to internet. To improve coverage and tackle this digital divide, more cell towers will need to be built.

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Who we are

Aircision is a startup based in Eindhoven focused on developing a laser beam with unique structural characteristics. We plan to use the capabilities of our technology to enable better communication and bring great improvement in the communication market.

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With commercial, financial and technical experience in telecom as well as other high tech industries, the team has a wide range of expertise and is driven to contribute to a better telecom infrastructure.

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Aircision is a venture built by HighTechXL