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WE ARE ON A Mission TO
Bring the industrial development to the next level and contribute to a better worldwide infrastructure.
About US

Who we are

Aircision improves high precision manufacturing processes and
enables better communication. We want to bring industrial development to the next level and contribute to a better worldwide infrastructure. By providing new solutions based on a unique structured laser
beam, we address markets such as optical metrology, laser processing and communications.

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About Us


Aircision has developed a solution that transforms a Gaussian beam into an Aircision laser beam.
It has a small central spot with concentric rings around it.


Our solution will be at the heart of high precision manufacturing systems of the future.
The unique shape adds new value to applications such as communications, laser
processing and optical metrology.

Free Space Optics

The amount of data transferred in 2024 will be 10x as big as it was in 2018. For that the infrastructure has to be expanded. To move from 3G/4G to 5G we need more cell towers. To connect the towers we either use fiber Optics or microwave. Optical fibre installation is expensive and microwave requires licenses.

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Laser Processing

Gaussian beams are able to adequately mark objects that have flat surfaces. Curved or uneven surfaces provide difficulties as the depth of focus of the beam is insufficient. That’s why the laser head is moved in three dimensions to mark the surface accurately, resulting in a more difficult and time consuming processes.

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Optical Metrology

A laser interferometer measures displacement of an object. Current systems with Gaussian beams can only measure displacement over one axis. To measure 6 degrees of freedom (DoF) multiple interferometers are needed, resulting in a complex system. Our Laser can measure displacement over three axis using one system.

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With commercial, financial and technical experience in telecom as well as other high tech industries, the team has a wide range of expertise and is driven to contribute to the rollout of 5G.

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