Free Space Optics uses light to transmit data. For decades, Free Space Optics has been largely used in satellite communication and private enterprise networks. The industry recognizes the upside of FSO as it easy and fast to deploy, has very high bandwidth potential and does not require licenses.

The Promises of Free Space Optics

  • High-throughput
  • High-security
  • Low-interference
  • Low energy-per-bit
  • License-free
  • Ease of deployment

However, FSO has not been widely used in telecom networks, because lack of reliability. Rain, fog or snow can disrupt the signal by diffracting light, thereby disrupting the link availability, and thereby reliability.

Transforming any laser source into an Aircision, uniquely structured laser beam, our next generation solution reinvents the use of laser technology. The reconstructive capability and low divergence ensure that our system is reliable enough for telecom networks, while delivering on the promise of FSO: high throughput and fast deployment.

Aircision is building highly reliable systems that can deliver bandwidths over 10 Gbps and distances greater than 2.5 km.